Geomax 2

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Geomax 2 Driver

£149 £99.00

Only available in 10.5 degrees as a left handed model

Geomax 2 Fairway Woods

£119 £89.00



The next generation Geomax takes high MOI stability to a new level. Pushing the limits on performance, the GeoMax 2 460cc titanium driver utilizes a more sloped crown shape that moves the center-of-gravity lower and farther away from the face. The shallower design allows the club to be deeper from face to back for an even higher moment-of-inertia (the club’s ability to resist twisting). The ideal design for reducing spin and optimizing launch angle, the GeoMax 2 delivers an astonishing combination of distance and accuracy.

The exceptionally powerful GeoMax 2 features a 20% larger face with a larger sweet spot for maximum-allowed rebound from nearly all points on the face. So no matter where you catch it, your shots have a better chance of flying long and staying on target. To produce commanding drives, the GeoMax 2 has four weighted cavities in the rear of the sole. The cavities provide strategic internal weighting that lowers the center of gravity and moves it deeper in the club head for higher, longer, more accurate tee shots.




Fairway Woods

Designed to offer outstanding performance, the GeoMax boasts a Custom 450 Maraging Steel face and a hyper steel body. The face has been made ultra-thin to generate exceptional power and a quick launch for added distance from anywhere on the face.

Just like the GeoMax 2 driver, the fairway wood has four weighted cavities in the rear of the sole. The cavities, along with additional internal weighting, lower the center of gravity and move it deeper in the club head for higher, longer, more accurate shots. In fact, the GeoMax 2′s CG is 32% lower than the previous model. Further enhancing shot performance, this high-tech fairway wood has a shallower face than the original GeoMax. The lower profile makes the club easier to hit from tight lies and thick rough.