Exotics CB5

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Exotics by Tour Edge are for those who demand the finest performing golf clubs in the world. They’re for golfers who want nothing less than the most powerful, accurate clubs that come from technology that is ahead of its time.



Fairway Woods

The evolution of the Exotics CB series is characterized by even more power. The new CB5 punches out greater ball speed and less spin thanks to a SP700 beta titanium face – the hottest titanium available.

The highly-evolved CB5 offers workability and feel preferred by better players in a smaller tour-preferred head size. This no weld-design combo-brazes a beta-titanium cupped face with a heavier hyper steel body. The result, every single gram of excess weight is eliminated from the face and shifted to the rear skirt and sole for a deeper center of gravity. The deep, high center of gravity gives the CB5 an explosive, penetrating launch angle.

The CB5’s swept wing sole features two heavy rails that move weight to the heel and toe for a larger sweet spot. For an even hotter face, the club adopts the CB4’s trampoline face design that combines multiple levels of face thickness. By varying the thickness and incorporating an inner cone, the design allows for enhanced elongation of the titanium face. The result is incredible feel and a powerful rebound effect.

Exotics fairway woods have enjoyed worldwide success at the highest levels of the game. Experience what the best players in the world already know – Exotics fairway woods are the longest woods in golf.



The CB5 super-hybrid combines a maraging steel cupped face with a hyper steel body. The stronger maraging steel allows for a thinner face that has greater malleability for superior feel and distance. Adding to the design, the heavier hyper-steel body offers a lower center of gravity than previous CBs for remarkable forgiveness.

Equipping the new CB5 to hit long shots, the hybrid features variable face thickness technology. The face’s technology allows for the thinning and thickening of the material to produce longer shots even on off-center hits. The elegant form of the CB5 is also highlighted by a deep face that produces a penetrating ball flight. When combined with the smaller-than- traditional head and added face progression, the end result is exceptional workability.

With its extraordinary power and agile workability, the CB5 hybrid is a golfer’s dream come true.